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Accounting Tailored for Property Managers


ManageCasa’s Accounting feature is user friendly and simple, designed specifically for property manager to ensure accurate and efficient accounting. Here is a brief overview of the capabilities.

  1. Simple bill payments. ManageCasa’s tools can save you time keeping track of tenant payments in and contractor payments out. With access to your bills, account information, and reminds in one place, ManageCasa makes Bill Payments much easier.
  2. Online payments. Forget paper checks and snail mail, get tenants to send payments online, ensuring an easier and more transparent process for everyone.
  3. Account and bank reconciliation. Connect your bank savings or checking account and create clear snapchats of your balances, deposits, and statements.
  4. Smart Fee management. Fees can automatically be applied in accounting and management tools, for example, when tenant provides a late rent payment, or if the security deposit needs deductions.
  5. Generate Financial Reports. Customized financial reports allows property managers to have easy-to-read documents in a matter or minutes. Include things like a balance sheet, cash flow, and income statements to your customized report.
  6. Budget Management. With our tools, easily compare property values or maintenance expenses, for example, with your budget management plans. Stay on top of your account from any device any time.


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