8 Must-Try Hacks for your Backyard BBQ This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and there is nothing better than sweet watermelon and a juicy burger at a backyard BBQ! Below are some tips for throwing a great BBQ. Remember, you can use AbodeStory to create and assign tasks to co-hosts or anyone helping with a project. Get Started. It’s free

1. Drag to FAB Folding Chairs

Step-by-step tutorial here.

Give folding chairs a makeover to spice up your party decor.

2. A Burger Bar Everyone will love!

View a complete list of ingredient ideas here.Everyone can dress their burger to their taste with a burger bar.

3. A Chalkboard for Your BBQ Menu

Backyard picnic sign {lancaster lane}

4. Be Eco-Friendly and use these disposable Salad Bowls

(While also preventing a dishwasher overload!)Cardboard berry boxes lined with parchment paper make disposable, eco-friendly salad bowls.

5. Charm Your Guests with These Adorable Mason Jar Candle Holders

Mason Jar Tealights


6. Create this wooden bench with a only 4 pieces of lumber and cinderblocks 

View a Step-by-step tutorial here.

7. Coolers are so old school – cool your drinks in a rustic wagon instead 


8. Teach Your Guests to Make their Own Cocktails

Have a station for Tom Collin, Mojito, or even Long Island Ice Tea maybe?

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