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7 Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

June 16, 2019

Summer Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Given the cost of repairing mechanical equipment such as HVACs, refrigerators, furnaces, roofs, and bathrooms fans, it makes sense for homeowners (and property managers) to keep an eye on them. Summer will bring especially heavy loads on HVAC systems.

If you missed the spring maintenance tips post, well it’s not too late to beat the summer heat coming. From changing the furnace filter, listening to the HVAC, and clearing leaves and debris out of the roof gutter, you can help a lot.

If HVACs, refrigerators and bathroom fans aren’t working well, the result might be unpleasant for homeowners, unit renters, and for landlords.  Any equipment can cause issues when placed under high usage.

Renters (in the lease) are responsible for informing property managers and landlords if something is wrong as a landlord might only have occasional access. Some landlords rarely or never visit their properties, so a quick inspection is wise.

Summer Maintenance Checklist

Here’s 7 quick maintenance checklist items to tend to if you’re a homeowner or home renter to ensure hazards and costly conditions don’t erupt into major costs this summer.

Contact us about improving your maintenance management with ManageCasa at 415 800 1245.

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