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20 Key Focuses for Successful Property and Community Managers

Focus Drives Success in Property Management

They say you are what you focus on.

A good question for you then might be: If your focus does drive success in business, are your endless daily tasks and challenges pushing you in the other direction?

Our survey of property pros shows that “managing everything” is the bane of their work day.  They’re overworked and they aren’t currently doing anything about it.

When manager/staff focus is being torn apart, work becomes increasingly ineffective and profitability declines.

Focus and simplification work hand in hand to produce big gains in productivity and work satisfaction. Fortunately, your property management software is built for integration and seamless execution.  Many of your daily tasks need to disappear — and efficiency from task automation is part of that full solution.


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Let’s briefly discuss the 20 Key Focuses you need to optimize with links to vital help. Keep in mind, the ManageCasa platform is designed to help you with all of them.

20 Work Focuses for Property Managers this Year:

  1. Efficient Rent Collection and Financial Management Process: putting streamlined processes in place for rent collection, financial management, accurate accounting, and real time financial reporting makes property managers true masters of budget and financial management.
  2. Thorough Tenant Screening and Selection: a professional tenant screening and tenant selection processes includes online rent applications, credit checks, background checks, employment verification, and rental history verification to pick the best tenants.
  3. Optimal Communications with both Clients and Tenants: building a strategic communications plan allows timely and clear communication through dedicated owner and tenant portals in their property management platform.
  4. SaaS-powered Property Management Software: finding a high performance property management software platform and other technology solutions can streamline work flows and processes, automate tasks, cut labor costs, redeploy staff to higher value tasks, and open up to new sources of revenue.
  5. Digital Accounting and Financial Management: optimizing accounting and financial management involving rent payment tracking, expense management and budgeting improves business intelligence and making sound decisions about expenditures and investments.
  6. Financial Reporting and Analysis: providing regular financial reporting and analysis to clients, including income profit/loss statements, expense reports, payables and receivable reports, along with cash flow analysis, to understand rental property performance, rent yields, and potential improvements.
  7. Proactive Planning and Budgeting: successful property management companies proactively plan and budget for property expenses, capital improvements, and other financial obligations to ensure adequate funds are available when needed.
  8. Marketing Advertising & Lead Generation: successful firms focus on cost-effective and high performing lead generation keeps leads continuously entering the pipeline and will often focus on PPC ad campaigns, content marketing, SEO, social media posting, and using custom photography, videos, and trade show event participation.
  9. Vacancy Listing Management: proactively and professionally creating vacancy listing ads on rental listing websites, and through excellence in apartment advertising copywriting and compelling visuals to capture highly qualified rental applications, and avoid application fraud.
  10. Regular Property Inspections and Maintenance: using more regular property inspections to proactively address maintenance issues and ensure the property is well-maintained, safe, and compliant with local regulations. Manage vendors and repairs via online tools.
  11. Leasing Management: Whether outsourced or in-house, efficient lease and contract management processes help in achieving timely lease renewals, lease compliance and ensuring long term leases to high quality renters.
  12. Professional and Responsive Tenant Relations: adopting professional and responsive tenant communications and relations includes real-time responsiveness on tenant inquiries, complaints, and maintenance issues for an ideal tenant experience.
  13. Managing Vendors and Suppliers: Smart managers find and manage professional relations with reliable vendors and suppliers, to maintain property assets, lower risks, maintain budgets, and avoid major untimely expenses.
  14. Rental Property Laws and Regulations: staying current with state, city and local laws and regulations related to property management, including fair housing laws, building codes and tenant landlord laws protects against legal issues and costs.
  15. Proactive Risk Management and Insurance: sourcing affordable, but complete landlord or property managers insurance coverage helps to protect owner’s properties and equipment, and cover legal liabilities related to operating a property management firm.
  16. Effective Leasing &Tenant Retention Strategies: building strategies and resources for delivering the ideal tenant experience includes positive, helpful tenant communications, responsiveness to tenant requests, lease renewal incentives to reduce tenant turnover and maintain high occupancy rates.
  17. Professional Development and Training for Staff: employees and contractors are critical investments in property management companies. Having a proactive HR plan to keep their skills sharp, improving productivity and providing real opportunities to engage fully in the company’s business and in this industry is essential to long term performance.
  18. Owner Relations: Owner relations begins with first contact with a property management company’s marketing communications and content, and continues with up to date, even real time property performance updates, and access to accounting reports, financials, and performance info on each property.
  19. Dispute Resolution: Developing a digital process to aid in promptly addressing concerns, and fairly addressing issues, conflicts and disputes involving tenants, maintenance staff, property owners, vendors, or other stakeholders, helps to control time usage for better long term profitability and owner happiness.
  20. Responsive Customer Service: great customer service is critical to a great renter experience being responsive, professional, and attentive to their needs and concerns.

Simplify, Streamline, Automate, Integrate

Why would a manager focus on so many tough property management tasks if it only added to their tsunami of work? That’s why a modern property management platform is essential.

Within the many articles we’ve published on achieving success in property management, we’ve covered many important challenges property management and association management firms are focusing on.

In business, processes are vital. A modern property management platform is designed to make 20 tasks seem like one, which helps you focus and get vital work done efficiently. And it’s more than saving time, it’s about discovering problems so you can focus on the solution.

Learn more about what studies and surveys have discovered and how modern property managers are leveraging the power of modern, SaaS-powered property management software to win their markets and deliver exceptional services.

ManageCasa will help reduce your workload, free up time, improve performance analytics, under one dashboard. It almost operates itself in how your workload is organized and executed (e.g., accounting automation and tenant communications).

By adopting ManageCasa’s All in One Platform, you’re bringing focus to all your focuses.



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