Build Your Renter Profile Today

ManageCasa provides renters with a simple digital platform to keep track of tasks, communicate with roommates, receive payment reminders and submit maintenance requests to your landlord.

Stress-Free Onboarding

Avoid unnecessary meetings, save time and hassle by digitally communicating with your landlord and sharing documents through your ManageCasa portal.

Everyone In the Loop

Live with roommates? Ensure that everyone stays on the same page regarding household chores and bill payments by assigning tasks and reminders.

Never Miss a Rent Payment

Receive reminders when your rent is due.

Digitally Request Maintenance

Something broken? Directly request maintenance from your landlord without picking up the phone.

Discuss Issues

Discuss and resolve maintenance issues with your landlord.

Organize Contacts

Create and maintain a list of trusted contractors and vendors so that you have easy access when you need to schedule a fix.

  • Create a profile for your rental place
  • Add your roommates and your landlord
  • Record and resolve maintenance issues
  • Be notified of upcoming rent payments
  • Organize and share all of your rental documents such as lease agreements, etc.
  • 512 MB file storage

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