Build Your Property Profiles Today

Set up your property profiles and invite your tenants in order to manage maintenance issues, record rent income and property expenses, and upload and share important documents.

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All of Your Properties in One Place

Organize information from multiple properties in one easy dashboard and utilize ManageCasa’s timeline feature to stay up to date on all tasks and events.

Manage Tenants

From discussions about maintenance requests to reminders about bill payments, ManageCasa’s platform easily facilitates and simplifies all interactions with your tenants.

Organize your Documents

Digging through stacks of paper is over. With ManageCasa you can securely upload, store, access, and share important files and documents with your tenants from desktop or mobile.

Simple Accounting for Multiple Properties

Utilize ManageCasa’s simple platform to record and track all income and expenses across all properties and run reports when you need them.

Organize Contacts

Create and maintain a list of trusted contractors and vendors so that you and your tenants have easy access when you need work done on your properties.

Resolve Maintenance Issues

Your can collaborate with your tenants to record and share maintenance issues and status updates to ensure any problems are resolved smoothly.

starts from
for 50 properties
  • Manage multiple properties from one easy platform
  • Add and manage your tenants
  • Record and resolve maintenance tickets
  • Keep track of rent income, expenses and deposits
  • Be notified of updates, rent payments and tenant requests
  • 1 GB file & document storage

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