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Stay Notified

Enjoy automated income and expense records and relax since notifications are being sent when anything needs to be done

Old Way of Property Management

  • Keeping track of all paperwork, important due dates, reminders and agendas was cumbersome and time-consuming.

  • Old fashion communication norms were always a pain. Keeping track paper mail, emails and phone calls was difficult to manage.

  • Using paper book-keeping and excel spreadsheets for record-keeping cost landlords and property managers immense amounts of time and effort.

  • Storing and organizing physical papers was always difficult. Often owners loose track of those documents over the years.


  • All your property information is visualized and recorded for you by ManageCasa in no time.

  • Keep track of all your conversations with your tenants, add multiple people to discussions and make sure everyone receives the right information.

  • ManageCasa keeps track of your rent income, property expenses, mortgages and deposits in/out so you'll never have to worry about missing records anymore.

  • Easily locate and share electronic documents. You can upload and organize all your documents in one place forever available.

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