Build Your Home's Profile Today

Create a profile and digital community for your home in order to assign tasks, digitize all of your property documents and manage internal communication amongst family members and roommates regarding household duties.

Task Management for your Home

Assign tasks, chores and to-dos to family members through your home’s profile to ensure everything gets done in a timely fashion.

Say Goodbye to the Paper Trail

Upload, organize, and share property-related documents like mortgage agreements, escrow agreements, homeowner insurance documents and more in one convenient place so that you’ll never have to waste time searching through stacks of paper.

Stay in the Loop

Discuss and resolve maintenance issues and other household tasks with family members or roommates.

Resolve Maintenance Issues

Easily record issues as they occur and track the status and cost of maintenance on your property profile dashboard.

Organize Your Contacts

Add and organize a list of trusted contractors and vendors for easy access when you need work done on your home.

Record Expenses

Stay on top of your budget by keeping track of the cost of remodeling projects, home improvement, property fees and other home-related expenses.

  • Create your property profile
  • Add family members to collaborate
  • Record and resolve maintenance tickets
  • Manage expenses and get reports
  • Be notified about upcoming bills
  • Organize and share your home files
  • 512 MB File & Document Storage

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