Our History

  • July 2016
    Company founded
  • October 2016
    Closed angel funding
  • January 2017
    Strategic partnership deal closed
  • March 2017
    User acquisition on target to grow 200%

Our platform is the first all-inclusive modern service specifically directed towards independent small to medium size property managers, homeowners, landlords and tenants. From initial onboarding to the final rent payment, the interactions between property managers, landlords and tenants have always been fragmented and unnecessarily complex. We aim to offer a simple, all-in-one solution.

As landlords and property managers ourselves, we grew tired of the inefficient and antiquated methods we were using: the excel spreadsheets, the piles of wasted paper, the hours spent searching hopelessly for old documents and emails. We could not find an easy solution, so we took it upon ourselves to build one.

Our software offers services like a comprehensive property dashboard, digital document storage and sharing, accounting for one or multiple properties, and maintenance and task management, allowing users to organize and manage all of their home and property information in one easy place.

Our Team

ManageCasa was built by a diverse team from around the world united by the goal of making property management software that was comprehensive yet easy-to-use. Our core team is based in San Francisco, but we also have members of the team located in Brazil, China, Turkey and the Philippines.



Peter has been a landlord for over 16 years and has learned the hard way how to effectively manage properties. Previously, he was the founder and CEO for a B2B marketplace startup.



Debe has a diverse entrepreneurial background that includes operational startup experience in various industries for almost 20 years. She is a long-time homeowner and was a commercial real estate tenant for almost 20 years.


UI Developer

Serkan is a sculpture artist and an application developer. He turns Iris\'s beautiful designs into real user experiences.


Communication & Customer Support

Eli contributes to communication and marketing strategy for ManageCasa and also heads up the customer interaction and support team.


Social Media

An expert in social engagement and leveraging communities, Audrey manages our social media profiles and crafts content for our blog.



Industry Advisor

Gordon has managed a 3000+ unit property management organization for many years, making him uniquely aware of how antiquated the current solutions are on the market.


Industry Advisor

Tim holds almost 20 years experience as a VP in the real estate and property development industry. He's thrilled to lend his expertise to an innovative solution in the property management space.